Iris Fall  (tba)
developed by Tencent

Zootopia mobile game (tba)
developed by Tencent

A Dragon Named Coal  (tba)


The Tale of Shorty  (2013)

Another project with my longtime collaborator, director Brian Winterton, this time an interactive storybook for children.

Max Axe  (2013)
developed by Naked Sky Entertainment
for iOS


Aligned    (2012)
developed by Naked Sky Entertainment
for PC


A Million Minions  (2012)
developed by Naked Sky Entertainment
for PC


AmoeBattle  (2012)
for iOS and Nintendo 3DS
developed by Intrinsic Games


Disney Kinect Adventures  (2011)
for the X-Box 360
developed by Disney Interactive


I worked with the Pyramind team to lend my orchestrations to composers Lennie Moore, Paul Lipson, and Wataru Hokoyama, and help bring together some of Disneyland’s greatest classic attractions to the interactive world, with the help of over 100 musicians recorded live at Skywalker Sound.

Star Wars: The Old Republic  (2011)
by LucasArts


My second LucasArts contribution, this time I worked with composers Jesse Harlin, Wilbert Roget, and Lennie Moore, to help realize this amazing score.

HALO 20th Anniversary  (2011)
by Bungie


I got to be part of the music team that helped transform the original HALO score to full live orchestra. An amazing experience.

Sunfall  (2011)
developed for Steam by Kim Cagney

Divergent Shift  (2011)
for the Nintendo DSi
by Konami and Intrinsic Games


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II
by LucasArts


Here I worked as orchestrator for composer Mark Griskey to help bring together the amazing music of Star Wars for video gaming audiences.

USC Game Lab games  (2008-2009)

  • Twist, developed by Jeff Magers
  • Tesla, developed by David Welch
  • Splicemiester, developed by Joseph Spradley
  • Earthquake, developed by Jonathan Driegert

Watchmen: The Motion Comic  (2008)


One of the earliest projects where I got to work with composer Lennie Moore.